Thursday, May 19, 2011

I need to start

It's been awhile, to bad there really wasn't a real reason that I've been gone for a while. I mean there was a vacation, but nothing blog worthy as it mostly took place in the hotel we were in. What I did learn over the past three or two weeks was that I really need to get a life, I mean I need to start loosing weight and get a hobby. I need to stop being a looser as a friend described us all being. I need to really just start living as most of my day is being in my house and looking shit up on the internet. There has to be more to life and so I shall start searching for what is there to find, and I need to update this blog more often as letting it be is not helping me at the least.

On other note, Mitch moved out of the shit hole we all hung out at as his aunt and cousins kicked him out even though he was supposed to have 30 days to move out. Jorge and Robin got jobs, and nothing new with Dan,

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