Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back to square one

Woke up feeling like shit, as usual, got another call as usual, about breakfast, it was another plate of eggs and bacon, while for most of my readers, that is a good thing, for me, it's just the same old thing over and over again, while i don't get sick of bacon for obvious reasons, the problem is that the eggs are the exact same, every time and the only reason that I can still eat it is that I end up putting a lot of ketchup on the damn eggs. I get a invitation from Mitch inviting me to go swimming with the group, at first I said I was going to think about, It's not that I don't like swimming, it's just I'm not a fan of public pools of any kind, Little shits and even big shits will piss in the pool and that is never a good thing to people who know that happens in large populated public pools. After a while and a nap that also made me wake up feeling like shit, I agreed to go to the pool, if only for blog fodder and to catch up on some reading that I can't get done when hanging out with the usual group when we are at the festering pit of a house that my friends retreat to when they can't deal with the problems that come from stress caused by crazy family members, aparently I'm the most normal of us, I wonder why, but after a few seconds of thought I realize that most of my family is cool while the crazy ones arn't usualy seen as we are spread out across california, nevada, and oregon. Everyone in the group, excluding me and maybe Dan, have issues with there family, such examples are that Jorge's parents think he is a meth head, Mitch's mother is a psyco and is the main reason that Mitch has some issues that won't be disscused on here, and Robins mother is currently blaming her for Robin's sister being caught high and drunk at school, even though she doesn't have any ties to her siste's addictions. As I was getting ready, everyone showed up at my house and after 2 minuits, while I'm still getting chores done, Jorge was honking outside repeatedly and yelling "Where are you!" as louldly as possible, I had to walk out of my house and tell them to stop the damn honking and yelling before my nebors start complaning, after being told it was Mitch's idea that they start honking and yelling, in backhanded him in the face, him telling me that he was going to start bleading, I walked back to the house, finished my chores, and threw a napkin at him saying, "Clean yourself up." as I was getting in the car, Robin replying, "Damn, at least he cleans his bitch." I chuckled. We left to go pick up Dan, once he was in the car, we saw a tv for free and Dan just had to have it, but we didn't get and said when we come back we will. We got to the YMCA but the outdoor pool with the slides were closed, we walked away defeated as the pool was  closed, after the events of the closed pool, we went to the baskin robins across the street as it was 38 cents a scoop day but it was at 5 and we would have to wait two hours, so we decided to hang out at the McDonald we always go to. Today was special as the whole group was there to enjoy the time we have at McDonald and it was the first time everyone was there at the same time and we had to sit at a larger booth than usual for the same reason. Mitch and Jorge bought the 50 piece nuggets with two large fries and two drinks, while Mitch was getting his drink, I hid his 3 of his 5 boxes of nuggets for shits and giggles, when he came back, he just asked where they were at and just said what ever, knowing full well that they would turn up eventually. The conversations were just the same as they ever are, we left earlier than usual, Jorge humped his car for a laugh but the thing is, my drink was on the top of the car and it spilled, I was mad because that was my drink, Robin was mad because it fell on her, while that was funny, my drink laying on the floor was not. We got over it and ended up going back to Dan's house, once we got there Dan went after the tv that was free, it was one of the large projector tv's that was popular in the early 2000's as it was the biggest ones on the market at the time before flat tvs were introduced and more available. Luckily for us, the tv had wheels on it that made moving it easy, we rolled it down the street with ease and made it to Dan's house with no problems. Once we were done with that, we returned to the pit we might as well all be living in.

To bad this was just earlier today and not the whole day, the rest of the day seemed to be a roller coaster of drama as everyone had problems that cannot be listed hear or they would have my head, I'm scared again, that this group will fall apart, if it does, then what? What will I do then, I'll be back to square one and I don't think I can handle that crap again as another issue to be thrown in is that like every other time, there was a chance for another group, but this time I'll be left with nothing. I'm getting to tired and old for this shit, speaking of getting tired, good night my viewers, and hopefully there will be more and better updates than a giant wall of damn text.

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