Tuesday, April 26, 2011

another day with nothing accomplished

Today, like most of our days, was a day in which nothing was accomplished. Today, my little group of friends were supposed to apply for jobs, but instead sat in a McDonald for about 4 hours like usually, by the time I got there, they were in the midst of leaving and giving up on the job hunt for the day. The closet to getting anything done was Mitch buying toilet paper for his house, he went for the cheapest one there was, luckily in our day of age, that meant  the brand was decent, just on sale. Dan was supposed to meet up with us but never showed, I was the only one to call it. After everyone was ready to leave after having a cigarette or two as Mitch is a chain smoker, It's funny as when people say someone looks cool smoking, he is one of the rare that look stupid smoking, not trying to insult the guy but it's the sad truth, as as a quote I read on the internet once said, "Smoking looks cool, but it will kill you."

With that said, we drove back to our retched hive that we all go willing to every day, that itself tells me and others that have seen the place that we are a group that don't have are heads screwed on straight. The best idea at the time was to drive around the main street as most of it is ripped to shreds, so the construction companies can keep the paycheck the way it is. Nothing wrong with the construction companies, but why on the streets I drive, there are plenty of streets that I don't drive near, they should tear those streets up instead. Anyway, we ended up driving on a street with speed bumps, because the people that live there are pompous enough that they don't want some jackass to drive over 15mph, but we did, only because Mitch and Jorge were in the bed of the truck, apparently, I'm a bad guy because going 25mph on a speed bump will make people jump in the back and I'm ok with that as it was funny. We finally ended up at the gas station that is at the end of the road, maybe it was there for people that came to there scenes and try to leave, the last scam of suburban life I say. Since this place is near a middle school and a high school, the little annoying brats always end up there, thing is, they apparently knew Mitch which meant we all were targets to there annoying antics with a little sniveling 12 year old brat that looked like he still sucked on his mamas tits coming over and telling us to move. asking why Robins shirt was ripped, and throwing random bottles into the bed of my truck. This was bothersome as we were having a conversation and the little shit kept coming to us, I remembered that there was a stick in the bed that I used as a walking stick on a long trek though suburbia, god I wanted to beat the little brat with it or at least trip him with it as he was one of the stupid kids that thinks a scooter is hardcore. About 5 minutes latter, the little ones left an my group was told by some chick who worked at the gas station to leave. Now I never had a problem being there with friends before, even at 3 in the morning nothing ever happened, but this particular person seamed to have a problem with me as when I'm in there by myself, she has this pompous attitude with me, don't know why as she works different hours every day for minimum wage. She even threatened to call the cops if we didn't leave, don't even know why, we made our purchases and we were out of everyone's way and not causing any problems, hell, we acted up in a McDonald's for 5 hours and no one ever even bothered us. Oh well, the day was ending at that time anyway, so we left, I dropped them off at the shit hole we all call home away from home. Every one said that we were going to hang out later, as a poisoned rat, the day died only to rot in our memories as another day in which nothing was accomplished.

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