Saturday, April 23, 2011

A great mistake

The funny thing about this post is that it might have been the first and last post of this blog as our good friend Jorge was going to leave for Arizona, thing is, he is the epoxy of the group of degenerates that we are and if he was gone, this would be pointless to start this blog, hopefully this won't be too bad on Jorge's part as he was almost excited that he was going to Arizona, while Mitch, Dan, Robin, and us would have missed him, we all knew this would have been good for him, so now we need to start buckling down and try to get a home and a job to keep that home, so we could all live in a "secure" environment, I do not care if the environment that I live in is "secure" because I can Adapt to any situation. Anyway, the point of this post is to welcome anyone who is going to join this grand adventure of what will be our fears and the loathing that comes with all humans, now sit back and relax as we won't in this great mistake

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