Monday, April 25, 2011

nothing new on easter

Today, was another usual day, even though today was Easter Sunday, though people like us, it would be Happy Zombie Jesus day. Today, as usual, it started with a phone call waking me up, and as always, and invitation for breakfast, but the difference was that gifts were at the table just staring at me as if it was telling me to open it while also mocking me that I couldn't open it, thing is, I never cared
Other events for today involved sleeping half way for 2 hours, so as my ipod was playing, I was partially dreaming  of everyone in a car and telling me, my music choice sucks. Later the day involve playing mortal kombat and loosing to shao khan about 30 times before throwing my fucking controller too the ground and shouting at nothing like an angry german kid. Hopefully I will have more time to update and able to upload pics to this blog tomorrow

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